Ken Harker WM5R
1996 IARU HF World Championship Multi- Single - W5EHM

W5EHM participated in the IARU HF World Championship on the weekend of 13-14 July, 1996. We operated in the Multioperator Single Transmitter class, with KA5WSS, N1PVB, SQ9DDZ, and AA5BT operating.

The contest was composed of a few different phases. First of all, Derek AA5BT scanned the CW bands for interesting stations and the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC) 1996 1x1 callsigns. Eventually, we worked all 52 competing stations and the two special event stations of the WRTC. Robert KA5WSS then called CQ for about an hour and pushed up the QSO count. Ken N1PVB and Tom SQ9DDZ were ready to operate, and they both called CQ and hunted and pounced around the bands for new stations.

The club's new Force 12 C-4 antenna performed well during the contest, and presented no problems. For the most part, W5EHM was able to break through any pileup after at most a few calls. 5N0T (Nigeria) answered the second call from W5EHM in a large pileup.

Ken spent much of Saturday operating the CQ World Wide VHF Contest, which took place during the same weekend, and managed to work some new grids for the club. While the HF station did hear the VHF transmissions slightly every now and then, for the most part both stations were able to operate at the same time without bothering each other.

Domino's Pizza delivery is fairly flexible. Their delivery person found the shack and presented N1PVB and KA5WSS with dinner on Saturday. According to the delivery person, it was one of the most unusual delivery locations he had ever encountered.

We used a Kenwood TS-830S, a Heathkit SB-220, a Force 12 C-4, and wire dipoles for 40 meters SSB and 80 meters.


The score below is claimed.

Band QSOsPointsHQsZones
160 0 0 0 0
80S 4 12 0 2
40 34 92 2 7
20 274 848 8 27
15 101 299 3 8
10 4 14 0 3
Total417 1265 13 47

Claimed score75,900

Contest Logging was done with CT.

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