Ken Harker WM5R
2000 Spring Sprint 50 MHz - WM5R (@ N5XU)

N5XU participated in the 50 MHz Spring Sprint conducted from 2300 UTC 13 May to 0300 UTC 14 May 2000. Ken Harker KM5FA operated.

The first hour was incredibly slow. We'd been disappointed with participation in all of the previous Spring Sprints, and it had looked like this contest would follow suit. Only one contact was logged in the first hour of the contest, ably demonstrating that activity in the Spring Sprints has just cratered. A good sporadic E opening for the next two an a half hours, though, more than made up for the slow beginning, even though I had to explain to more operators than usual what the contest was, when it was, and what the exchange was.

Frequency QSOs Points Grids
50 MHz 117 117 36
Total 117 117 36

Claimed score4,212

Contest Logging was done with TR LOG contest logging software. The following reports and log were created using TR Log's post-contest processor.

6M grids worked during the contest

6M grid map

Grids worked: EM10, EM54, EM58, EM64, EM68, EM69, EM74, EM75, EM76, EM78, EM79, EM85, EM86, EM89, EN41, EN50, EN51, EN52, EN53, EN54, EN56, EN60, EN61, EN62, EN63, EN70, EN71, EN72, EN73, EN80, EN81, EN82, EN91, EN94, FN02, FN03

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