Ken Harker WM5R
2001 Spring Sprint 50 MHz - WM5R (@ N5XU)

I had fun this year in the 50 MHz Spring Sprint. The band was open pretty much the entire four hours of the contest. It was open to a wider geographic area this year than last, and I worked two more grids than last year. But I felt the opening wasn't as "deep" as last year - I had to struggle very hard to work many of these stations, and almost a third of my QSOs were by search and pounce, as the callers were just not answering my CQs this year the way they were last year. I do not know if this is because propagation wasn't as solid or because the activity in this contest is still on the decline.


Category : Single Operator
Team/Club : Central Texas DX & Contest Club (CTDXCC)

Band QSOs Points Grids
Totals 85 85 38

Claimed score3230

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Last Updated 26 June 2020