Ken Harker WM5R
2002 Spring Sprint 50 MHz - K5TR (WM5R, op. )

There was no Eskip in EM00, and there was very little local activity. In fact, of the ten QSOs I did make, not one of them was with a member of the Roadrunners Microwave Group (RMG,) the VHF/UHF weak signal club of South Texas - a group that I know for a fact had a club meeting that very afternoon in EM00! I worked not a single station in the Houston or Dallas areas. I did work N5RZ way out west in the boonies, which was cool. Toward the end of the contest, I was getting some meteor pings on signals to the north, but not enough to complete a QSO. After the contest, George dialed in the N0LL beacon, and we were picking it up occasionally on meteor pings.

Oh well.


Category : Single Operator
Team/Club : Central Texas DX & Contest Club (CTDXCC)

Band QSOs Points Grids
Totals 10 10 6

Claimed score60

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