Ken Harker WM5R
2002 ARRL June VHF QSO Party - K5TR M/L

The start of the contest was promising, despite last-minute station work. Six meters was open on Eskip to the northeast, and things were going well for a little while. The opening kind of fizzled away in the first hour, and the band was dead for the rest of Saturday afternoon. We had another, better opening around 0200 UTC that lasted a little over an hour. It began with QSOs into the Ohio/Indiana/Michigan area, but slowly crept westward to Minnesota and the Dakotas where (unfortunately) there are fewer operators and fewer QSOs to be made. N0DQS/R was a great find - in a matter of minutes, he worked us from three grids! We had high hopes that the Eskip would continue to move westward and give us some QSOs into W6, but the propagation came to an end in Idaho.

Six meters on Sunday was a grind all day long. There were a few brief periods of Eskip, but they were very weak, very short, and very isolated. Almost all of the stations we heard during these opening were the loud, big stations we had worked on Saturday. We made two "brute-force" scatter QSOs into New Mexico and Mississippi that I don't think were Eskip, but might have been. Otherwise, the bands were dead and CQs went unanswered.

Band QSOs Grids
50 MHz
144 MHz
222 MHz
432 MHz
Totals 426 156

Claimed score78,000

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Last Updated 26 June 2020