Ken Harker WM5R
2001 CQ World Wide WPX Phone SOSB 15 LP Unassisted - WM5R (@ N5XU)

The gear I used at N5XU:

So many other things were going on this weekend that I only had a few hours to get on the air. I operated from N5XU, the club station at the University of Texas at Austin. Several other club members were also there, making QSOs on the "main" HF radio and tribander.

The antenna I had available was a 40 meter dipole, which normally is considered usable on 15 meters. This dipole, though, was tuned for the SSB portion of the band, near 7.250 MHz, which would make it resonant closer to 21.750 MHz than it would be to the upper edge of the 15 meter band (21.450 MHz.) I did not have an antenna tuner available. According to my wattmeter, the radio put about 40 watts out.

I tried to run probably a dozen times, and only a couple of times could I get more than a few callers, even though I was on frequencies that sounded perfectly clear to me. When I was searching and pouncing, many station could not hear me. Mostly, DX stations could not hear me, but many W1s were deaf, and one WB9 was S8 in my receiver and kept calling CQ in my face. Stations in the west and midwest were much better about hearing me when I called.

The best DX I worked was HK0OEP, who must not have been spotted on packet, and was kind of underneath some other station, but he heard me just fine.


Category : Single Operator Single Band 15 Meters Low Power, Unassisted
Team/Club : Central Texas DX & Contest Club (CTDXCC)

Band QSOs Points Prefixes
Totals 110 171 92

Claimed score15,732

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