Ken Harker WM5R
2003 ARRL International DX Contest, Phone, W5KFT M/S

Robert Brandon K5PI and I did a multi-single entry in this contest, with assistance from Dick Foster W5TA on Sunday afternoon. According to Robert, I did about 75% of the operating, but it was probably more like 60% at most. Conditions seemed mixed. The low bands were good Friday night; the high bands were so-so Saturday morning but much better Sunday morning.

This was my first effort at a DX contest where I was somewhat in control of strategic decisions (i.e. band changes.) Previously, I had always operated with multi-ops where I was one of the worker bees. I am certain my inexperience with the contest hurt our decision-making.

We were soundly defeated by K5NA this weekend. They had 300 more QSOs than we did, but more signficantly, had 93 more multipliers. Nevertheless, we did manage a Top Ten finish.


The score below is claimed.

Band QSOs Mults
160SSB18 17
80SSB 58 37
40SSB 217 68
20SSB 268 81
15SSB 683 98
10SSB 607 96
Total 1851 397

Claimed score2,127,126


Last Updated 26 June 2020