Ken Harker WM5R
2003 CQ World Wide DX Contest, Phone, K5NA M/M

Jen Harker W5JEN (click for more photos.)

I got to join the team at K5NA for a multi-operator, multi-transmitter contest effort in the 2003 CQ World Wide DX Contest, Phone. This is the first time I've operated in a multi-multi and the first time K5NA has done a multi-multi from his station in Texas. We had six radios, six amplifiers, and eleven operators.

Murphy struck us slightly with serious WriteLog networking problems before the start. We had to isolate the 40 meter station because the Windows XP computer on 40 meters would not communicate with any of the other stations.

Then the amplifier for 10 meters smoked at the start, forcing Richard to scurry on a 60 mile round-trip to borrow a replacement. Things went smoothly then until Sunday when a thunderstorm shut us completely down for 45 minutes. And finally, the 160M transceiver went to the RF Gods late Sunday afternoon.



The score below is claimed.

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160SSB142 11 25
80SSB 195 19 48
40SSB 305 30 106
20SSB 815 34 124
15SSB 1315 34 128
10SSB 1233 34 130
Total 4005 162 561

Claimed score6,246,720


Last Updated 26 June 2020