Ken Harker WM5R
2005 Spring Sprint 50 MHz - K5TR (WM5R, op. )

Thanks again to George for letting me use his station for this contest.

I had no enhanced propagation in the first hour of the contest, and in fact only managed to work four local grids. The band opened to south and central Florida around 0010 UTC, but it wasn't a very strong opening. I worked 18 Floridians in the 0000 UTC clock hour, but none of them were heard for the entire opening except for KC4PX. The opening softened even more, but I was able to work another five stations in Florida between 0100 UTC and 0130 UTC.

Another thin opening started around 0140 UTC, this time to the Mid-Atlantic states area, and I eventually added another six grids in the FM grid field to my totals, but not many more QSOs. The most consistently heard stations in that direction were W2MMD and W3ZZ. The opening closed around 0230 UTC.

Local activity continues to be low. I was unable to work anyone in the Houston metro area, for example. I worked four members of the local HF contest club in Austin, but as near as I can tell, not one active member of the local VHF/UHF weak signal club in South Texas was on the air. This is the first time I've worked a VHF contest and not made at least one contact with one of their members.



Category : Single Operator High Power Location : EM00uf South Texas (STX)

Band QSOs Points Grids
Totals 51 51 18

Claimed score918

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