Ken Harker WM5R
2007 ARRL International DX Contest, Phone, WM5R SOAB LP

Claimed Score

Band QSOs Mults
10SSB 1 1
15SSB 1 1

Claimed score6

The station at WM5R:
  • Icom IC-706 MkIIG
  • Icom AH-4 antenna tuner
  • Kenwood SP-50B speaker
  • 39" (100 cm) long vertical on trunk lip mount

I operated from my car, parked in a campground area of the Sam Houston National Forest, near the northern end of Lake Conroe, about 100 kilometers NNW of Houston. I was in the forest for an orienteering meet, and had limited time to play radio.

I am always surprised at how well my really small mobile antenna can hear DX stations. With just one meter of stiff wire, I could easily copy high power stations all over the Americas and western and northern Europe on 20 meters. Even with 100 watts, though, it was really tough for anyone to hear me. I had to leave just as 10 meters was starting to show life, or I might have had a few more QSOs.


Contest Logging was done on paper.

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