Ken Harker WM5R
2008 ARRL November Sweepstakes, Phone W5KFT (WM5R, op. )

Band QSOs Sections
Totals 1744 79

Claimed score275,552

Thanks to Bryan W5KFT for letting me operate from his station in the Sweepstakes again. We took a lightning strike last spring that broke a few things in the shack. The only thing that's still not repaired is the Top Ten Devices band decoders, so I had to remember to manually switch the SixPak and the bandpass filters this time around. Fortunately, there are relatively few times in the Sweepstakes when one has to change a radio to another band as an SO2R operator.

On Saturday, I had an acceptable rate starting on 20 meters, but making the transition down to 40 meters this year turned out to be a disaster. It wasn't until sometime in the 0300 UTC hour (probably when a lot of east coasters had already migrated to 80 meters) that I got going again. This was my worst Saturday performance in a long time and it just kind of demoralized me. There's literally no way to recover in this contest if you have a couple of bad hours on Saturday.

My Sunday was a lot more variable than previous years - instead of having consistent 60-70 hours, I would have a few hours well above 70 QSOs/hour and then a few well below that. In the end, I had marginally more Sunday QSOs this years than last, but not nearly enough to make up for what I lost on Saturday.

I never found a Puerto Rico station. Based on post-contest discussions with others, I should have checked 15 meters earlier on Sunday than I did.

I finally beat K5TR in a contest, but I don't think I can let this one count.

Station W5KFT:

Beverages - 900' long, fixed 30° (NE), not terminated

 80 - Sloping dipoles - NE, NW from 150', SE from 135'

 40 - Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 150', rotatable
      Cushcraft 40-2CD @ 70', fixed NE

 20 - Hy-Gain 204BA @ 157', rotatable
      Hy-Gain 204BA @ 105', fixed NE
      Hy-Gain 204BA @ 53', fixed NE
      Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 75', rotatable
      Hy-Gain TH7DXX @ 45', fixed NW

 15 - Hy-Gain 155CA @ 135', rotatable
      Hy-Gain 155CA @ 90', fixed NE
      Hy-Gain 155CA @ 45', fixed NE

Radio 1:  Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1500
Radio 2:  Kenwood TS-850SAT, Ameritron AL-1200
Headset:  Heil Proset
DVK:      W9XT Contest Card
Software: TR Log 6.78
Other:    Ameritron RCS-8V switches, ICE bandpass filters, 
          Top Ten Devices DXDoubler, WX0B SixPak, CDE rotors

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Last Updated 26 June 2020