Ken Harker WM5R
HF CQ Zones

HF CQ Zones

I am still working on my Worked All Zones award sponsored by CQ Magazine. This award is available to all amateurs worldwide who submit proof with written confirmation of having contacted each of the 40 CQ Zones around the world using Amatuer Radio.

CQ ZoneGeographic AreaPhoneCW RTTYSAT 1608040302017 151210
1Northwestern N. America XXX    C PR  C P
2Northeastern N. America X        P    P
3Western N. America XXX  CPCRPCR PR  P P
4Central North America XXX  CPRPCR PCR  P P
5Eastern North America XXX  CPRPR PCR  PR P
6Mexico XXX    PCR PR  P P
7Central America XXX  C  CPCR  PC  
8West Indies XXX  CPCP PCR  PC P
9Northern S. America XXX  C P PCR  P P
10Western S. America XXX  C   PCR  PC PR
11Central S. America XXX    P PCR  P P
12Southwestern S. America X X   RR PR  P P
13Southeastern S. America XXX    C PCR  P P
14Western Europe XXX   PP PCR PPR P
15Central Europe XXX    PC PCR  PCR P
16Eastern Europe XXX      PCR     
17Western Siberia   X      R     
18Central Siberia X        P     
19Eastern Siberia X X      PR     
20Balkans XXX     CPCR  P P
21Southwestern Asia XX       PC     
22South Asia, India XX          PC  
23Central Asia, Mongolia                
24Eastern Asia XX       P  P C
25Japan and Korea XXX   P  PCR  PCR P
26Southeastern Asia X           P  
27Phillippines XX       P  PPPC
28Indonesia XX          P PC
29Western Australia                
30Eastern Australia X        P  P P
31Central Pacific XXX  CCPCR PC  PC PC
32New Zealand XXX    P PCR CPC PCR
33Northwestern Africa XXX    C PCR  P P
34Northeastern Africa                
35Central Africa XX       PC  P P
36Equatorial Africa X      P P  PPP
37Eastern Africa X        P P  P
38Southern Africa XXX    C PCR  PC P
39Indian Ocean XXX     CPR  PC P
40North Atlantic X        P  P  

CQ Zones Totals

Mixed PhoneCWRTTYSAT 1608040302017 151210
37 36 27 24 0 8 8 17 3 34 3 30 2 28

Last Updated 26 June 2020