Ken Harker WM5R
2001 W5KFT ARRL June VHF QSO Party

These photos are copyright © 2001-2003 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

Jen Sims KD5JZV and George Fremin III K5TR.
George Fremin III K5TR, on the 50 MHz radio.
Jen Sims KD5JZV, tuning in a station on the 222 MHz radio. On 222 MHz, we used a Kenwood TS-850SAT HF radio with a Downeast Microwave 222-28CK transverter.
Jen Sims KD5JZV, calling CQ on 222 MHz, and Bryan Edwards W5KFT, running stations on 50 MHz.
From back to front: Bryan Edwards W5KFT on 50 MHz, Jen Sims JD5JZV on 432 MHz, and George Fremin III K5TR on 144 MHz.
Monique Stinson NE5RO, on 50 MHz Saturday afternoon, when Eskip QSOs were extremely tough to come by.
Sunset over Lake Buchanan, Saturday night.
Sunday morning, George is sound asleep about two meters away from the 50 MHz operator. George ran stations until 4AM local time, before exhaustion took over.
Ken Harker WM5R, on 50 MHz.
Bryan Edwards W5KFT, chasing a rover station on 144 MHz.
Monique Stinson NE5RO, taking a short nap between operating sessions.
Jen Sims KD5JZV, after working a rover on both 432 MHz and 222 MHz.
Ken Harker WM5R, on 50 MHz on Sunday. He hadn't shaved that morning.
A quiet evening on the lake.

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