Ken Harker WM5R
2001 Austin Summerfest

The 2001 Austin Summerfest was held at the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Austin, TX. The University of Texas Amateur Radio Club had a table in the swapfest area this year.

These photos are copyright © 2001-2004 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

2001 was one of the years we rented a table in the swapfest area to try to sell some surplus stuff, mostly on behalf of the University of Texas Amateur Radio Club N5XU.
Richard King K5NA and John Godwin K5IUA.
Jim George N3BB and Tom Whiteside N5TW.
Dennis Mowers K5YA.
Marty Hood KD5JFK, my fiancée's boss.
The audience at the DX and Contest Forum.
Jim George N3BB, giving a presentation on HF propagation prediction.
A small display for the Central Texas DX & Contest Club.
Richard King K5NA and Terry Gerdes AB5K give a presentation on DX clusters.
Richard King K5NA, discussing how you can log onto a DX cluster and receive spots.
Back in the swapfest area, things are winding down as the air conditioning fails and the interior gets very warm.
Kevin Mandaville KG5KI (now KT5I,) a UTARC alumnus, hawks the club's junk that nobody else seems to have been able to sell.

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