Ken Harker WM5R
2002 USA ARDF/ Radio Orienteering Championship

In the spring of 2002, Jen Sims W5JEN and I represented the state of Texas at the 2002 USA ARDF/Radio Orienteering Championships near Pine Mountain, Georgia.

These photos are copyright © 2002-2003 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

The outside of our small cabin. The Honda Accord was added to show scale.
Behind our cabin was a pretty pond. It had ducks!
The back of the cabin featured a screened-in porch. We were so busy, we never really spent time enjoying the porch.
Jen Sims W5JEN in our small cabin at Franklin Delano Roosevelt State Park near Pine Mountain, Georgia.
The kitchen was very small. The refrigerator door could not even open all the way!
The main room of our cabin. We had a couch, an easy chair, and a small table with two hard back chairs. There was also a fireplace in this room, which we did not use. You can see our three-element yagis and attenuators leaning against the wall, and our Altai 3,5s on the table. The straps on Jen's backpack reflect light very well.
This is the fireplace in the main room. The kitchen is to the left, and the bathroom is to the right.
Our bathroom was very small.
The bedroom in the cabin. It was pretty small, too.
Jen, on Saturday night, just before we left for the spaghetti dinner in Hamilton, Georgia.
The official mascot of the championships!
A demonstration version of the circuit board and antenna for the WB6BYU receiver design for 80 meter ARDF. This was on display at the Saturday night spaghetti dinner in Hamilton, Georgia. Behind it is a completely built unit.
Valerie Meyer KG4QWE, examining some small circuit. Valerie came from the Washington, D.C. area, and is an experienced orienteer.
Competitors and volunteers gather for spaghetti dinner in Hamilton, Georgia.
The Saturday evening gathering was at the Senior Center in Hamilton, Georgia.
Dale Hunt WB6BYU, holding his 80M ARDF receiver. Valerie KG4QWE would borrow it the next morning in competition.
We really filled the small dining room!
Sam Smith N4MAP, the course setter for the 2002 USA ARDF/Radio Orienteering Championships.
Volunteers working the finish, keeping track of times and controls found. In the distance, a volunteer waits for the next competitor to emerge from the woods.
On the run toward the 80M finish. This receiver was a PRX-80, a German design.
Another competitor running toward the finish line.
All of the medals, mouse pads, and certificates awaiting the winning competitors!

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