Kenneth E. Harker
2004 W5 DX Bash

Bryan Edwards W5KFT hosted his world famous W5 DX Bash held at his family's cattle ranch, on the shores of Lake Buchanan, about 70 miles NW of Austin, TX. This year, the gathering was much more informal than normal, as Bryan's recent back surgeries had made preparation difficult.

These photos are copyright © 2004 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

Gerald Youngblood AC5OG brought out his latest version of the Flex-Radio, a software-defined HF Amateur Radio transceiver.
Most of the attendees took some time to explore and operate this new radio.
Tom Whiteside N5TW checks out the new 100 watt amplifier componentry in the Flex-Radio.
Gerald points out some feature in the radio's software interface.

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