Ken Harker WM5R
2007 W5 DX Bash

The 2007 W5 DX Bash was held once again on the first weekend of October at the W5KFT Ranch Station. Located on the shore of Lake Buchanan in eastern Llano County, the ranch is about 70 miles northwest of Austin, Texas.

These photos are copyright © 2007 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

The view from the back porch of the ranch house out over the lake. Texas has completely recovered from a severe drought in 2006 that had dropped the lake level by nearly 20 feet.
Bill Parry W5VX came up from the Rio Grande Valley to attend the Bash.
From left to right: Richard King K5NA, Terry Gerde AB5K, Larry Hammel K5OT, Craig Markley AD5YJ, and John Guida K5XA.
John Langdon N5CQ gave a presentation on the future of solar energy technology.
Three of the towers at W5KFT. The ranch escape damage from massive windstorms in June that destroyed other contest stations just a few dozen miles to the south.
From left to right: the 20/40 meter tower, the 10/15 meter tower, the TH7 Shack tower, and the TH7 Stack tower.
North of the station is a small pond that is separated from the lake by a sandy ridge. During the drought, this pond was completely dry.
The five towers of W5KFT.
Bill Parry brought his new Yaesu FT-2000 to the Bash for others to see it and try it out hands-on. The computer is running N1MM Logger and was set up for the California QSO Party.
Larry Hammel K5OT.
Richard King K5NA and Robert Brandon K5PI.
Robert Brandon K5PI, working 20 meters CW to California.
Dale Martin KG5U came to the Bash from Houston.

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