Ken Harker WM5R
Miscellaneous Radio Photos

These photos are copyright © 1998-2003 Kenneth E. Harker. All rights reserved.

The ten meter tower at K5TR, December, 2002.
A mast made out of the boom of a large 20M monobander, at K5TR in 2001. It was used to support a dipole, I think for 80M, before the towers were installed.
A view of the mast higher up. It was guyed with very bright green nylon rope.
George Fremin III K5TR, at his station, 2001.
One of the Kenwood TS-850SATs at K5TR, 2001.
These were the awards and certificates that were hanging on the wall of my apartment in Austin, Texas, around 1997. They include DXCC, WAC, my license (KM5FA at the time,) an ARRL Code Proficiency Certificate (10 WPM,) and a certificate for my appointment as an ARRL Public Information Officer in the South Texas (STX) section.
A Hustler G6270R dual-band vertical antenna for 144 MHz and 440 MHz, mounted on the roof of Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity at Dartmouth College. This was my first antenna system as a Tech+ licensee with the callsign N1PVB. The photo was probably taken in 1994.

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